5/28 Met Game + 5/24 Mets Game



David Wright 2/2-Rolb, GU ROMLB

Colby Rasmus 1/1-GU ROMLB


1 Yankee Stadium Final season Commemorative

4 Shea Stadium Final Season Commemorative





Derek Jeter 1/1-ROMLB

Jorge Posada 1/1-Auth. GU ROMLB

Jerry Manuel 1/1-ROLB

Alfredo Aceves 1/1-ROLB

Fransisco Cervelli 1/1-ROLB



1 Inaugural Season Yankees ball



Sorry for such a short entry but no time to write now.


Scranton Wilks/Barre Game 5/2/09

Today I desided to go and try and get a Wieters auto and was successful.


9/9 Matt Wieters- 2 GU ROMLB/1 GU ROILB/1 IC/1 Program/1 Hat/3 ROLB

2/2 Austin Jackson- 1 Mini bat/1 Team GU ROILB

1/1 Kei Igawa- 1 Team GU ROILB

5/5- I got 5 players on IC that I have no idea who they are.

1/1 Shelly Duncan- 1 Umpire Clicker

1/1 Chris Tillman- 1 Program

2/2 Justin Christian- 1 ROLB/1 Program

1/1 Nolan Reimold- 1 Program


First Entry- 4/18/09 at Yankee Stadium

      The day started of with a long wait. I got to the stadium at 10 AM when the gates opened at 12:30. I never really thought about how much I would have to wait but it paid off. At about 10:30 I saw ballhawk Zack Hample talking to a stadium employee near where I was waiting. Once he got online next to me, I introduced myself and we talked a little bit. The second the gates opened I ran over to right field and was able to get down to field level below the bleachers. In the first 5 minutes of BP I caught 2 Robinson Cano HR’s (one on the fly, one after a few bounces. That was it for my snagging day. Failure not because of how little I got but how long I went after those 2 without 1 more. As I watched people catch HR after HR i decided to give the section a rest and head to get my look into the stadium. Halfway through my trip around the stadium, I saw the indians on the field and headed to left field. In left I had a chance for a glove trick ball but i had a knot failure and lost my glove to the field. I had to get the guard to get it for me. After that i took a picture with Zack and headed to My seats to get money for food. I got the Chicken Sliders which was really good but expensive. I waited until the 3rd to walk around and get ticket stubs. I got a few including one to section 125. As I went to the section I was wondering where zack was and hoped that he had caught a HR ball from the 2nd inning. As i walked down the aisle, I saw ZACK SITTING THERE. We hung out untill the end of the game. Around the seventh inning we started to try and get a stub from a Legend Seat fan and succeded. You need both a wrist band and a ticket to acess the Legends sections. We both had one of each but when Zack was putting his wrist band on it ripped, and when we were caught, we had to go back. Sorry that i do not have pics for this entry but will get them for the next one.